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Asker diysara Asks:
What is your favorite pen and why? ^^
journalgirl journalgirl Said:

This is a good question!

I’ve used a LOT of pens over the years, but I have a few that always seem to end up in my bag.

1. Bic ballpoint. Yes, it’s boring, but 1. it will write over anything you have in your journal, 2. makes marks on the page you can feel with your fingers, & 3. can be really smooth! Think back to notes written with a simple ballpoint…you can run your hands over the pages and almost read everything like braille.

2. Uni-Ball Signo. The white one works amazingly and is so bright! But I get the multi-colored 207 ones in micro because I like little lines. There’s just something about these pens I love — they’re consistent, smooth, and don’t leak through the paper.

3. Pilot Hi-Tech. These are usually only found in Japan, but I used to live near a Japanese bookstore that carried them. By far my FAVORITE pen to write with (you can tell because it’s the only one in my bag that’s close to being completely empty!). At first, I was like, “Eh.” And now? They just write so well, make mark indentations, don’t bleed through, and I just…flow with them. Bonus that they come in a kazillion colors!

Others have come and gone, but these three are always within arm’s reach. My current ballpoint is purple and the others are black. I write an insane amount by hand (all my projects and ideas), so need pens that will deliver. :D