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Do you always make your own journals? If so, what kind of paper is your favorite? And, if you buy them, what kind is your favorite and why?
journalgirl journalgirl Said:

I used to purchase my journals, but would always compromise on a feature or something I really wanted — it’d be a bit too big or small, or the paper not what I needed, etc. So, about three years ago, I started making my own.

They always are made in the style I’m into at the moment, and have been all kinds of sizes. Here’s my 3 favorite types of paper to use:

* Poster Board. It’s thick, holds up well, and really inexpensive!

* Canson or Strathmore 300 Series Bristol. You can get the smooth or vellum, and be fine. It’s really thick and takes mediums really well (get vellum if you’re looking for a bit of tooth).

* Stonehenge Printmaking Paper. I found this really cheap at my local art supply store and love it! It’s printmaking, so it takes stuff great, but this brand has some tooth for when I want to use watercolors, etc. It’s my current fav. (I also use American Standard, which is like the generic for this paper).

I love papers that can take all the layers I throw at them, that add something to my work (texture all the way!) and that don’t need gesso to be worked on; sometimes I want to do spur of the moment journaling, and don’t want to have to wait to gesso a page and let it dry (or have to prep pages beforehand…sometimes I just write and don’t want to have gesso in the way!).